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DroidDB® String Functions

Returns the ASCII code value of the leftmost character of string_exp as an integer.

Returns the character that has the ASCII code value specified by code. The value of code should be between 0 and 255; otherwise, the return value is undefined.

INSERT(string_exp1, start, length, string_exp2)
Returns a character string where length characters have been deleted from string_exp1, beginning at start, and where string_exp2 has been inserted into string_exp, beginning at start.

Returns a string equal to that in string_exp, with all uppercase characters converted to lowercase.

LEFT(string_exp, count)
Returns the leftmost count characters of string_exp.

Returns the number of characters in string_exp, excluding trailing blanks.

LOCATE(string_exp1, string_exp2, start)
Returns the starting position of the first occurrence of string_exp1 within string_exp2. The search for the first occurrence of string_exp1 begins with the character position indicated by the value of start. The first character position in string_exp2 is indicated by the value 1. If string_exp1 is not found within string_exp2, the value 0 is returned.

Returns the characters of string_exp, with leading blanks removed.

REPEAT(string_exp, count)
Returns a character string composed of string_exp repeated count times.

REPLACE(string_exp1, string_exp2, string_exp3)
Search string_exp1 for occurrences of string_exp2, and replace with string_exp3.

RIGHT(string_exp, count)
Returns the rightmost count characters of string_exp.

Returns the characters of string_exp with trailing blanks removed.

Returns a character string consisting of count spaces.

SUBSTRING(string_exp, start, length)
Returns a character string that is derived from string_exp, beginning at the character position specified by start for length characters.

Returns a string equal to that in string_exp, with all lowercase characters converted to uppercase.

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