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DroidDB® System Functions

Returns an integer that indicates how much charge the backup battery has (0 to 100 percent).

Returns an integer that indicates how much charge the battery has (0 to 100 percent).

Returns the currently selected tab.

Name of the handheld device.

Searches CE device for file_pathname. Returns non-zero value if file is found; returns 0 if file is not found.

Returns a value indicating the current orientation of the device window: 0 for No (not in landscape therefore in portrait), 1 for Yes (in landscape), or 2 for square.

Returns the OID of the current record.

Returns the serial number of the Android device.

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Top rated! I needed a solid database application development tool for mobile devices. I chose DroidDB for Android OS because it provided a way to get a strong product to market quickly. DroidDB is relational, gives me control over form layout, handles macros, and supports events. It works on all Android versions I have tried and is a great companion product to SYWARE’s VisualCE.

Mark Read, President
SyntegraTech, Inc.

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