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DroidDB® Tip for May 2012

Modifying the Structure of a Table

DroidDB stores the records in a database provided by the operating system (SQLite). This database does not provide any ability to modify an existing table other than just adding a column at the end.

If you find you have to do something more than that, you will have to recreate the table and forms.

But, here's a trick to make it easier: Open up DroidDB and open up your existing form. Leaving that open, run DroidDB again and create your new form there. You will be able to cut and paste controls from the old form to the new one.


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Top rated! I needed a solid database application development tool for mobile devices. I chose DroidDB for Android OS because it provided a way to get a strong product to market quickly. DroidDB is relational, gives me control over form layout, handles macros, and supports events. It works on all Android versions I have tried and is a great companion product to SYWARE’s VisualCE.

Mark Read, President
SyntegraTech, Inc.

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