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DroidDB® Tip for June 2013


Forms can be taller than the physical screen of the device. if they are, then the user can scroll by touching the form and sliding their finger up and down. Usually this works, but sometimes it doesn't. This month's tip-of-the-month de-mystifies scrolling behavior.

This scrolling behavior is due to a quirk in the Android operating system. If the whole form scrolls, then it does not allow a control on that form to scroll. In particular, when you try to scroll a note control, the gesture gets "captured" by the form and the note control does not see it. Note controls are meant for large texts, so a note control that did not scroll would be a problem. So what we did was, if the form has a note control, we don't allow the form to scroll and we let the note control capture the gestures. Please note that if your form has tabs, only the tabs the have the note control won't scroll. The other tabs will scroll.

By the way, it's not just note controls. Grids and scribles too (for the same reason).

If you remove the note, grids, and scribbles from your form, it will start scrolling.


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Mark Read, President
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