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DroidDB® Tip for January 2014

Multi-Column Keys

Key values are used in various places in DroidDB such as searching for a record, filtering a dropdown, or filtering entries in a grid. DroidDB only allows you to key on a single value. But what if you wanted to key on multiple values (for example, filter on both LAST_NAME and FIRST_NAME)? This can be done:

  1. In your table, create another column called FULL_NAME and create an index over that column.
  2. On your form, create a calculated control (connected to FULL_NAME) with the expression:

         FIRST_NAME & ' ' & LAST_NAME

  3. Put your key value into a variable (for example, set @var(56) to 'John Smith').
  4. Use @var(56) as the key to use on FULL_NAME.


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