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DroidDB® Tip for October 2015

Translating the Record Not Found Message in a RECORD | SEARCH or OPTION | FILTER | PREDEFINED

DroidDB is primarily an English product. We don't do anything to preclude other languages...but we don't do anything to specifically accomodate them either. Menus can be translated using a custom menu. Buttons and Message Boxes can be translated when you create them. Translating "Record not found" for a JUMP is discussed in the December 2015 tip of the month. However, there is a "Record not found" message when doing a RECORD | SEARCH or OPTION | FILTER | PREDEFINED that you might also want translated.

"Record not found" occurs in two cases: when you do a search and when you turn on a filter. In both cases, instead of doing a simple Record | Search (or Option | Filter | Predefined), do it as a macro:

   Step 1: Record Search (or Option | Filter | Predefined)
   Step 2: Return From Macro
   Step 3: Message Box 'Record not found' (translated of course)
   Step 4: Return From Macro

In Step 1, set "Skip...if not found" to 1


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Mark Read, President
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