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DroidDB® Tip for June 2016

Saving the mEnable Password

When making an mEnable connection from the handheld to the server, you are asked for a host, port, username, and password. Once conected, the host, port, and username are saved for next time. But what about the password? Yes, the password can be saved too.

When asked, fill in the host, port, user, and password. Then scroll down. You'll see a checkbox labebled "Save Password". Just check the checkbox before you click OK. The password will be saved for next time.


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Top rated! I needed a solid database application development tool for mobile devices. I chose DroidDB for Android OS because it provided a way to get a strong product to market quickly. DroidDB is relational, gives me control over form layout, handles macros, and supports events. It works on all Android versions I have tried and is a great companion product to SYWARE’s VisualCE.

Mark Read, President
SyntegraTech, Inc.

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