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DroidDB® Tip for June 2017

Making a Tabbed Form Faster

Forms with tabs can be slow sometimes, especially if there are a large number of controls on each tab. Here's how to make them faster.

Break up your form into multiple forms (one for each tab). You still can have tabs to move around...they just will work differently.

Say you have a form with three tabs (tab-a, tab-b, and tab-c). Create three forms (form-a, form-b, and form-c). All the forms will have the three tabs.

Form-a's tab-a will have controls on it, but tab-b and tab-c are empty.

Form-b's tab-b will have controls on it, but tab-a and tab-c are empty.

Form-c's tab-c will have controls on it, but tab-a and tab-b are empty.

On form-a, create a macro (EDIT | MACRO/EVENTS) that detects what tab is selected (@currenttab) and then launches the appropriate form. Use the EVENTS button in EDIT | MACRO/EVENTS to set the "On select tab" event to run your macro.

Do the same for form-b and form-c.


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