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You can create an unlimited number of custom mobile forms for the applications you build with DroidDB. As you proceed, you have complete control of their design. And you have an extraordinary selection of calculations and command modules that you can build into them by just dragging and dropping.

The DroidDB Sampler is a free set of pre-built forms that will give you an idea of how it all works. Click here to download yours.

SYWARE® Is The Established Leader in
Mobile Application Development Tools

SYWARE has been developing, marketing and supporting mobile application development software for more than 20 years. Our feature-rich database and forms development tools make it easy to create applications for gathering, synchronizing and utilizing information.

They have been used to create applications for environments that range from sales to patient monitoring, and inventory management to field surveys. Our customers range from many different types of small businesses to very large organizations such as IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ChevronTexaco Corp., and the US Geological Survey.

A Small Company That Cares

As a small company, we take our work and each of our customers very seriously. We appreciate their needs, the importance of our products to their success, and the importance of their success to our future.

Real Support

In that context, our support is genuinely supportive. When you call with a problem you talk to a professional who really knows your SYWARE product and can appreciate what you want it to do for you.

Products For Long Term Use

We respect our customers' budgets. Our products are reasonably priced and, unlike many other software companies, we design them for long-term use. Upgrades are backward compatible; we are very proud that customers are still using their first SYWARE systems many years after they purchased them.


SYWARE's mobile computing products include:

  • DroidDB® - Database and forms builder software for Android devices
  • Visual CE® - Leading database development tool for Windows CE and Windows Mobile handhelds
  • mEnable® - Access enterprise data via wireless connections on Android and Windows Mobile devices
  • Report CE® - A full-featured reporting and printing tool for Windows Mobile
  • sqlceEnable® - Use with Report CE or Visual CE to add support for SQLCE databases
  • SerialLink - Serial port integration solution for Windows Mobile

SYWARE also sells:

  • Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kit - The easiest way to create an ODBC driver, and the only product of its kind to offer royalty-free distribution and full source code.

Trademark notices

SYWARE, DroidDB, Visual CE, Report CE, mEnable, Dr. DeeBee, the "Exchanging Hands" logo, DataSync, SerialLink, and sqlceEnable are trademarks or registered trademarks of SYWARE, Inc. Other brands and their products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Top rated! I needed a solid database application development tool for mobile devices. I chose DroidDB for Android OS because it provided a way to get a strong product to market quickly. DroidDB is relational, gives me control over form layout, handles macros, and supports events. It works on all Android versions I have tried and is a great companion product to SYWARE’s VisualCE.

Mark Read, President
SyntegraTech, Inc.

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