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DroidDB® Tip for February 2015

Storing the Database Files on the Device's SD Card

When creating a DroidDB application, you may want the data to be stored on the device's SD card rather than the internal memory. This can be done if you make some adjustments on the handheld.

First, some background information...

When the DroidDB Runtime is started on a handheld, it looks around for a folder called DroidDB that contains a file called DriodDB_Info.ini. If it does not find it, it creates this folder and this file.

When you run the DroidDB development environment on the desktop, the desktop looks for this DroidDB folder. When you use the DroidDB development environment to create a new DroidDB application (MyApplication), it creates a folder called MyApplication to hold the application files (the database, the forms, the synchronization settings, etc.) The MyApplication folder is created in the same folder that contains the DroidDB folder (in otherwords, the DroidDB folder and the application folder are siblings, they have the same parent folder...the My Application folder is not a sub-folder of the DroidDB folder).

So, if you want to have your application on the SD card, all you have to do is move the DroidDB folder to the SD before you create your application. Be careful that you move the folder, not copy it. When you are done moving the folder, there should only be one copy of the folder (in its new location).

If you already have created MyApplication, simple move (not copy) the MyApplication folder just like you moved the DroidDB folder. And, again, the MyApplication folder should end up being a sibling, not a sub-folder, of the DroidDB folder.

Note: It is important that the desktop can "see" the SD card when you select START | COMPUTER on the desktop. If you cannot see the device's SD card from the desktop, you may have to contact the hardware manufacturer for a driver to install on the desdktop.


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