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DroidDB® Tip for October 2016

Running Two Instances of the DroidDB Development Environment

There are times that you might want to use the form designer to modify two DroidDB forms at the same time. For example, you may want to cut and paste controls from one form to another. On some desktop machines, simply launching DroidDB a second time does not work (when you try, the operating system simply sets focus the the first DroidDB instance).

To do this, first open a command prompt (START | WINDOWS SYSTEM | COMMAND PROMPT). Then, at the command prompt, enter:

     cd \<ENTER>
     cd Program Files (x86)<ENTER>
     cd SYWARE DroidDB<ENTER>

Note: If "cd Program Files (x86)<ENTER>" fails, try "cd Program Files<ENTER>".

A second instance of DroidDB will be opened.


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Top rated! I needed a solid database application development tool for mobile devices. I chose DroidDB for Android OS because it provided a way to get a strong product to market quickly. DroidDB is relational, gives me control over form layout, handles macros, and supports events. It works on all Android versions I have tried and is a great companion product to SYWARE’s VisualCE.

Mark Read, President
SyntegraTech, Inc.

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