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DroidDB® Tip for February 2017

What to do when you see 'Synchronization components not found'

When setting the synchronization setting (by selecting FILE | SYNCHRONIZE), you may see a message that says "Synchronization components not found".

If you have the DroidDB Standard Edition, this is expected (since the DroidDB Standard Edition does not include the synchronizer).

If you have the DroidDB Business Edition, in your installation folder (C:\Program Files\SYWARE DroidDB) there should be a file called DAppIns.exe or DAppInst.exe. If neither of those files are there, you will see the "Synchronization components not found" message when you try to set the synchronization setttings. It is possible that your firewall/anti-virus has deleted it.

To recover, turn off your firewall/anti-virus, reinstall DroidDB, and then turn your firewall/anti-virus back on.


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