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DroidDB® Tip for September 2013

Finding the IP Address of the mEnable Server Machine

When you synchronize with mEnable, you may see the error "DroidDBExceptionCommunicationFailure: [ISAM] Failed to connect to /nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn (port 20225): connection failed: ENETUNREACH (Network is unreachable)". The most likely reason for this is that you entered the wrong IP address as the "Host".

The handheld can connect to the desktop/server running the mEnable server in one of two configurations:

    handheld --> WiFi router --> desktop/server

    handheld --> Cell tower --> Internet --> cable modem (or DSL) --> WiFi router --> desktop/server

In the first case, you want to specify the Internal IP Address of the desktop/server as the Host. In the second case, you want to specify th External IP Address of the desktop/server as the Host. See Finding Your IP Address for details.

Note: In the second case, be sure to configiure your router to forward all traffic it receives from the internet on port 20225 to the Internal IP Address of desktop/server running the mEnable server.


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